A Step Beyond Hypocrisy

Submitted by kvaughn on Mon, 06/21/2010 - 23:38

It would have been hypocritical of the Obama Administration to attack then BP CEO Tony Hayward for taking time off to relax while Obama relaxed (e.g., at baseball games and concerts.) But alas, there was no record of Mr. Hayward taking such time off. So the White House had to wait until this week to attack Mr. Hayward for his outing on his yacht while Mr. Obama took time off to play golf.

But what the MSM has completely ignored is that Mr. Hayward is being removed as BP CEO as of last Friday. Thus, it seems as if the BP Board of Directors (who were likely pressured by Obama to take this action) are more responsible for any inaction this weekend than Mr. Hayward; in fact, it is entirely unclear what power Mr. Hayward now holds, let alone what incentives he has to address these problems - other than internal moral fiber, which he may or may not lack.

President Obama on the other hand has declared himself to be the one that is "in charge since day one." In addition, he is in charge of two wars, and while Iraq is reasonably stable, Afghanistan continues to deteriorate. It amazes me that the left does not care about this President's clear disregard for the environment and our troops. Is a golf outing really more important than suspending the Jones act?

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