Running for Congress

Submitted by kvaughn on Sat, 01/22/2011 - 15:58

 I have announced my run for Congress. For future blog posts, please check out the campaign website.

UPDATE: As my run for Congress has come to an end, I am re-activating my blog site. As a part of this effort, I am migrating all of my campaign related materials to this site and all of my e-mails will be posted as blogs on this site.

As a start to this, my initial camapaign e-mail is as follows:



Thank you for subscribing to my campaign newsletter. As this is the first letter, allow me introduce myself.

In 2008, I was shocked to see our government use tax dollars to bail out big business while allowing numerous small firms fail. I’ve since been dismayed to see our government and both political parties justify spending trillions of dollars without developing any plan to ever pay this money back. We are stealing money from future generations so that we can have a better lifestyle. I believe this to be fundamentally immoral.

This is a major life change for me. I am a traffic engineer who owns my own small business. In many ways, I would prefer to stay behind my computer and run my business. However, I am also a parent who firmly believes it is immoral to force our children to pay for our excessive spending. None of our politicians seem to understand this. Some of them may talk about reducing the deficit; a few may even suggest balancing the budget. But not a single one has suggested that we should fulfill our moral obligation by eliminating the national debt in a timely manner.

17% Spending Cap

History has shown that our government has never been able to sustain revenues exceeding 18% of our economy. I propose that we dedicate one percent of our economy to paying down the debt. That means we need to cap spending at 17%, at least until we can prove that we can bring in more revenues. I encourage you to visit my website where you can learn more about my budgetary approach and sign my on-line petition.

I look forward to updating you as we move forward with this campaign and please remember to sign my petition.