Our Country Needs Real Leaders

Submitted by kvaughn on Wed, 06/01/2011 - 01:00

Our country needs leaders who will move beyond the partisan attacks and propose real solutions to our problems. The current debt ceiling debate demonstrates that the leaders of both parties are to blame for our current fiscal mess.

The Republicans are demanding even more tax cuts when less than half of workers pay any income tax currently. The Democrats refuse to accept any significant spending cuts despite the repeated warnings that our current spending is "unsustainable". In fact, rather than proposing any real solution, the Republican "leadership" decided to spend time proposing, debating, and voting on a bill that would raise the debt ceiling by $2.4 trillion even though they were against the measure and they knew it would not pass. This is not leadership, it is a cheap political ploy; our country deserves better.

Yes, the House should be talking about the debt ceiling, but the House debate should be focused on real solutions, such as bills that would:

  1. 1. Raise the debt ceiling to cover the 2011 budget. This requires raising the ceiling by roughly $700 billion.
  2. 2. Amend the Constitution to require a balanced budget starting in the 2012 fiscal year.
  3. 3. Define a 2012 budget that would begin to pay down the debt.

Unfortunately, none of the above proposals are seriously being considered. If we are to avoid a financial collapse, we must find new leaders and help them get elected. I promise to fight for real change that will restore fiscal integrity to our country, but I need your help. I encourage you to make a donation to my campaign so that we can begin addressing the real problems facing our country.