Campaign Gaining Momentum

Submitted by kvaughn on Sat, 01/21/2012 - 01:00

There has been a lot of exciting news on the campaign trail during this past week.


Interview with CNN

You may have heard or seen that CNN aired a short piece on my campaign for Congress yesterday. Breaking news delayed the first airing of the piece until 5 pm, but I have already received a lot of positive response.

In case you missed the on-air broadcast, I wanted to let you know that the story is now available online at….


Interview with the Patch

Yesterday, the Oakton Patch, a local online newspaper, published their interview with me.

I encourage you to both read this interview and watch the CNN segment and help spread the word about my campaign. The more traffic we push to these sites, the greater exposure we’ll get. CNN will be encouraged to re-run the interview, and online stories will move up in Internet rankings. Free media coverage is great for the campaign!

District Lines

The state legislature has (finally) finalized the Congressional district lines. While the district does become slightly more Democrat than before, it is still very much a swing district. In fact, Gov. McDonnell won 49.8% of the vote in the precincts covered by the new district in 2009.

Campaign Office

We have also recently opened up our campaign office in the heart of Fairfax City. This office will allow us to manage volunteer efforts and other campaign activities from a location that is central to the new Congressional district.


In Liberty,
Ken Vaughn