BREAKING: Obama Chooses to Kill Jobs & Connolly Supports Him

Submitted by kvaughn on Wed, 01/18/2012 - 01:00

Today the Obama administration killed the privately funded Keystone XL Pipeline project and killed tens of thousands of jobs in the process. The president yielded to a few special interest groups at the cost of our economy. This is inexcusable.

Manufacturing in the U.S.

In addition to the lost opportunity to create new jobs for American workers, killing the pipeline from Canada robs our country of the chance to decrease our dependence on oil from countries that are hostile to the American way of life.  As a friendly neighbor, Canada would be much easier to work with to meet our energy needs than OPEC has been.  Of course, the pipeline would not eliminate our dependence on foreign oil, but it would have been a significant step in the right direction.

Ironically, this decision also means that we will continue to transport oil in ways that pose a much greater risk to the environment. Our own government admits that “pipelines are the safest and most cost-effective means to transport the extraordinary volumes of natural gas and hazardous liquid products that fuel our economy.” And yet our President claims that his decision to nix Keystone was to protect the environment.

It’s important to note that jobs resulting from Keystone would have been created in the free market without any government funding. These new jobs would have also resulted in greater tax receipts for the government. Thus, by killing this pipeline we are simultaneously increasing the unemployment lines and decreasing government revenues – both of which raise our burgeoning national debt. This is a prime example of how over-regulation is crippling our economy by killing jobs in this country.

Finally, by blocking this investment, industry will be forced to resort to less-cost-effective methods for transporting oil. This will eventually translate into higher gas prices for you and me.

I support the Keystone XL Pipeline. Not surprisingly, career politician Congressman Gerry Connolly (D-VA) does not. He has once again sided with the President. Jobs in America should not be a partisan issue.

I know what it’s like to live in this district as an average citizen. I’m concerned about the high gas prices. I’m concerned about the unemployment rate both nationally and locally. I believe it’s important to protect the environment with proven cost-effective methods. I’m concerned about our energy dependence on the Middle East. And I’m concerned about the national debt. The Keystone XL Pipeline was a clear win-win-win-win-win project on all of these counts, yet Connolly sided with Obama on a losing decision. We desperately need better leadership.

Our country needs people to get involved so that we can restore common sense to Washington.

In Liberty,
Ken Vaughn