Another Sign of the Times

Submitted by kvaughn on Fri, 04/05/2013 - 14:36

 A federal judge has now ruled that anyone can buy the morning after pill regardless of age (well technically, he said any woman, but I find it hard to believe that men would be denied the right to buy what he has now deemed over-the-counter medication). This truly defies all logic. 

I have some Libertarians suggest that this is a good decision since it allows more individual choice. But this is a false argument. It does not so much allow more individual choice as it changes the choice architecture (as Richard Thaler would say) in order to Nudge more decisions into the government's preferred solution. I would have no problem if the judge had ruled that the FDA has no constitutional authority to limit access to any drug, but that was not the ruling. the ruling was limited to this one drug where the judge decided his opinion was better than that of the entire medical industry. This is a sign of more capricious governmental control that is not responsive to the electorate. Any "pro-choice" principled Libertarian should recognize that the ends do not justify the means. The logic behind this ruling was not Libertarian in any way.

Further, this is bad science - both medically and theoretically. It is bad medically because it disregards the medical research that shows the significant strains this drug places on a woman's body and in the case of a girl, the strain can be fatal. But the judge decided that he could disregard that in order to promote his political agenda. Likewise, the ruling (along with Roe v Wade) is bad theoretically because it totally disregards science. It is too often ignored that the science is unambiguous that unique human life begins at conception. In other words, if you look at the scientific definition of life and how life is determined to be human and how humans are determined to be unique, there is absolutely no scientific doubt that a fetus is a unique human life. You can debate whether such a life qualifies for the most basic of all human rights (the right to life) as our Constitution only explicitly bestows that right on "persons" but it is clearly a human life. And I believe it is akin to playing God to decide that any human life does not deserve the right to life.

In all though, the decision is one more sign of the times. It demonstrates how so many in our society have abandoned principles in order to achieve their end goals and will ignore travesties of justice when it serves their purposes. It also demonstrates that underneath everything is a very dark force. Some have said this case has religious overtones - I disagree; this is not one religion against another - but there are spiritual overtones. It is very much a part of the spiritual war that is going on in this country. Everything that is right, true, and just is under attack in order to promote death and destruction.

  • A balanced budget is considered evil, so we continue to run up a debt that we know will result in global disaster
  • Political opinions should come under the Fair Speech Doctrine forcing what we can and have to say; but pronography should be protected speech
  • Christianity is fine as long as it is kept in the church, but we should make sure that our schools indoctrinate our children with Atheism and Humanism
  • They only want to allow you to protest when and where the President can't see you while they want to fly drones so that they can see you without you knowing about it
  • Gun rights are being limited while rights to violent movies and video games remain protected
  • Flying on an airplane makes you a suspect and requires you to be searched because we are at war - even though we no longer have a defined enemy
  • Diligence is punished while sloth is rewarded

I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just.
- Thomas Jefferson

 It is clear for those who are paying attention that another round of judgement is coming. I advise that you prayfully prepare yourself.