An Addiction to Spending

Submitted by kvaughn on Fri, 10/07/2011 - 01:00

President Obama has finally admitted that the American people aren’t “better off than they were four years ago,” even though we increased the national debt by more than $40,000 per taxpayer. And yet his solution to the problem is to continue the same deficit spending policies – the very definition of insanity.

With the complicity of our Congressman, Gerry Connolly, our nation has become addicted to deficit spending. In fact, we exhibit the 10 key signs to any addiction:
  1. We have built up a tolerance – it now requires larger deficits to achieve the same simulative effect.
  2. We have failed in attempts to break our addiction – As soon as we came close to having a balanced budget in the late 1990’s, we once again figured out new programs to spend money on.
  3. We continue our addiction to avoid withdrawal symptoms – this is literally the argument being used to justify Obama’s jobs bill.
  4. Our lives increasingly revolve around our addiction – nearly 50% of households now receive some sort of government benefit. A full 10% of our economy is now based on deficit spending.
  5. We blame others for our addiction – Both political parties have contributed to our debt, and yet neither is willing to accept any blame. Ultimately, though, we the people are to blame for failing to elect more responsible politicians.
  6. We lie about the problem – Even now, many of our politicians deny that there is a serious problem. They claim that if we just spend more now, we will be able to pay off the debt in the future. Yet, the CBO’s Long Term Budget Outlook proves this claim is false.
  7. We continue our addiction even though we know it is dangerous – We know that the current problems in Europe are due solely to their uncontrolled spending and that we are not that far behind them, and yet we continue to spend.
  8. We have changed our friends – We continue to tighten our bonds with China and the Middle East while distancing long-term allies such as Israel in order to encourage these other countries to buy our debt.
  9. We have become increasingly secretive – The Federal Reserve has resisted revealing who was given bailouts over the last few years. We only recently discovered that the full extent of their intervention totaled $16 trillion, more than our annual economy!
  10. We have lost control over our addiction – politicians promise to cut the deficit, but every agreement ends up putting off the real cuts to some point in the future.
The first step in solving this addiction is to admit that we have a problem. Unfortunately, career politician Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) continues to support President Obama’s irresponsible plan to spend even more money next year.
We must stop this destructive behavior. We have a moral obligation to balance the budget and eliminate the debt. But I need your help to make these goals a reality. Can you make a donation today?